How To Choose The Right Lawyer For An Injury Or Accident

There are many circumstances in life when the services of an attorney can be very helpful, but none more so than an accident or injury. After an accident, for example, a Car Accident Lawyer can make sure that a client’s injuries are properly taken care of and compensated. A lawyer can also be a valuable advocate for an employee who is injured in the workplace, a consumer who is harmed by a faulty product, or any person who has suffered due to the actions of another person. However, finding a good lawyer can be a challenge. The following are some characteristics to look for in a personal injury lawyer.


For first-time clients especially, experience is a valuable asset in a lawyer. The law regarding personal injury and insurance is complex, and a lawyer who has just passed the bar exam may not know the ins and outs of a complicated case. The best advocate is an attorney who has successfully resolved many similar cases; he or she will know the law and will have already had experience dealing with insurance companies.

Communication Skills

Just like a doctor, a lawyer should have a good bedside manner. Lawyers with excellent communication skills show sympathy to people who are in distress, listen patiently while clients tell and retell their stories, and communicate a plan of action clearly, in language their clients can understand. In addition, a good lawyer is willing to answer any and all questions a client has. According to Craig Swapp and Associates reviews, the happiest clients are those who feel like their lawyer treated them with kindness and compassion.

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Another thing to look for is a lawyer who responds quickly to a phone call or query. In addition, a good lawyer is one who welcomes questions from the client throughout the process and is willing to give the client regular updates on the case. At the initial consultation, it’s a good idea to find out whether the attorney will be the main point of contact or whether an office staff member will be taking the client’s calls and answering questions.

Reasonable Pricing

Most attorneys will offer a free initial consultation to hear the details of the case and determine how they can help. At that consultation, it’s important to learn what fees the attorney will charge and what the total cost of legal services is likely to be. According to additional reviews of Craig Swapp, many car accident and personal injury victims in Utah are able to get settlements that make the cost of an attorney worthwhile. See other verified reviews to learn more about a recommended Utah attorney.